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Private chefs and ‘catering at home’ is a wonderful focal point for a special occasion. It could be a birthday party, anniversary meal or any family celebration that merits a great meal. And of course, it allows you to concentrate on each other, rather than serving the food.

Letting us help plan the menu; source and prepare the ingredients, then serve the meal as well as clean down afterwards, lets you and your guests really enjoy the occasion and each other.

Our chefs complete all preparatory work in our production kitchen, arriving at the venue 1.5 hours before the agreed service time. This is ample time to get to know the kitchen space and ensure everything is ready and settled once the party gets started.

Depending on the scale of the event, dishes are served to the table either by the chef or by dedicated serving staff. Menus can be two, three, four or more courses, depending on your requirements. We also clear and clean the dishes, and leave the kitchen as we find it.

We always check for allergies and special dietary requirements to ensure every dish will be suitable for every diner.

The service is perfect for holidays in Bath, Bristol and the Cotswolds. If you’re coming to this beautiful part of the country for self-catering accommodation, this is a great way to have a relaxing evening in.


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